The easiest way to request, create and share content to tell your brand story.

Hands representing the ability to harness the power of your relationships to engage in brand storytelling at scale.

Greenfly harnesses the power of your network
to engage in brand storytelling at scale.

People in a park representing a global network of relationships.
One global network helps.
A person holding a cell phone representing video, photo and image content being created for digital channels.
They create content for your digital channels.
A phone screen with social media app icons representing content sent from an organization being shared to personal social media accounts.
You send them content to share.

How We Do It

Brief your selected group to take videos and photos for your brand. Ask a group to share your content to amplify reach.

  • Request & Create
  • Review, Brand, Message
  • Share & Amplify

Request and Create

Send a brief inviting a group to create videos and photos to build your brand story.

Review, Brand, Message

Review submitted videos and photos, give feedback, and add branding.

A woman looking at a cell phone and an enlarged image of the cell phone screen showing contextual messaging about a request.


Built in messaging facilitates communication. You can chat about a specific request, or reach out to get a conversation going. Your network can also reach out to you anytime.

Campaign Metrics

View your network activity, see who’s posting and what’s performing best.

A woman looking at a cell phone and an enlarged image of the cell phone screen showing contextual messaging about a request.

Our Founders

Meet the people behind the technology that powers your network!

Daniel Kirschner, Co-founder & CEO of Greenfly

Daniel Kirschner

Co-founder & CEO

Greenfly co-founder and CEO Daniel Kirschner has had a varied career holding senior roles spanning law, technology, and business, including as President of the Harvard Law Review, Senior Advisor on Internet Policy at the FCC, and Head of Corporate Affairs at Activision Blizzard. Through his experience, Daniel has come to appreciate the many challenges, risks, and opportunities corporations and brands face in creating and sharing original digital content.

Shawn Green, Co-founder and Chairman of Greenfly

Shawn Green

Co-founder & Chairman

Greenfly co-founder and Chairman Shawn Green played Major League Baseball for 15 years as an All-Star right-fielder, including with the Dodgers and Mets. Prior to playing ball, Shawn attended Stanford University. A lifelong passionate fan of technology, Shawn developed the Greenfly concept out of his desire to streamline the complexities of working with media companies and brands to help them share and promote video and photo content across their channels.

In building Greenfly, Daniel and Shawn have worked to empower their customers, including Global Fortune 500 companies in markets around the world, to leverage their most valuable relationships and tell their stories at scale.

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